Exhibition - Max Dupain & John Witzig

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Exhibition - Max Dupain & John Witzig

Postby Reschsmooth on Mon Apr 05, 2010 6:13 pm

Details here

Dickerson Gallery

Melbourne - 31 March to 17 April
Sydney - 28 April to 15 May

I spoke to John and he is happy for anyone to go to the openning night. We are trying to juggle kids to allow us to go.

Considered one of Australia's most revered photographers, Max Dupain's reknowned beach images will, for the first time, be joined by Australian surfing photographer John Witzig in an historic exhibition that looks back at 50 years of Australia's beach culture.

Born in Sydney in 1911, Dupain's photographs define Australian beach culture and it was the beach that was the inspiration for his most famous and enduring images: Sunbaker (1939), At Newport (1952) and Bondi (1039). When it came to photography, Dupain's philosophy was about 'simplicity' and 'directness'. He remained an adherent of black and white photography, believing that colour was restricting in its objectivity, leaving little room for individual interpretation.

In the mid-1960s, John Witzig became the voice of Australian surf culture. Using an article in the magaine, 'Surfing World', he heralded a new era for Australian surfing. Witzig contended that a core group of Australian surfers had redefined the sport of suring by focusing on riding the wave, rather than riding the board. As a writer and photographer he continued to break new ground as editor of 'Surf International' and co-founder of 'Tracks' magazine.
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