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Important Links

PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 1:38 pm
by Nnnnsic
Thanks to Birddog114, gstark, Glen, Raydar , and Onyx for links. (And also to me, Nnnnsic!)

General Photography

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by Nnnnsic

Camera Specific

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by Nnnnsic

Digital Post-Processing, Software & Tutorials

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 11:34 pm
by Nnnnsic
Digital Post-Processing, Software & Tutorials

Popular Photo-Editing Software
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Paintshop Pro
The Gimp & GimpShop
Apple Aperture
Adobe Labs Lightroom

Photoshop help, tutorials, goodies, etc:
Digital Dog - Tips, Tricks & Articles for Photoshop, colour management, etc...
Better Black & White in Photoshop
Digidaan - Black & White conversion in Photoshop - All about Grayscale masks
Photoshop Actions and Batch Processing Workshop
Photoshop Actions Tutorial
Effects Tutorials
E-Scrappers: Basic Skills & Guides - Photo retouching
Power Retouche Plugins (Demos)
Photoshop Tips and Techniques
optikVerve's virtualPhotographer Plugin
Free Photoshop downloads (Plugins, textures, etc)
Facemask Histograms
A Primer on Image Histograms and Curves
Photoshop For Photographers
Developing Photoshop Tutorials
Tip Of The Week - The Light's Right Studio
Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
Binary FX - Photoshop Technical Vault 2.0 Links
P2B Perfect Skies (Photoshop Action)
FilterMeister - Filter Plugin Creator
MuRa's Filter Meister and Professional Filters (Made with FilterMeister)
Signature Tutorial
AIM: Filter Formula / ATS Filters
Photoshop Online Resource Guide

PaintShop Pro help, tutorials, goodies, etc:
PSP Tutorial Links

Panoramic Photography & Software
PanoGuide - The Guide To Panoramas and Panoramic Photography
The Panorama Factory
Panorama Tools
Hugin - GUI for Panorama Tools
PTGui - GUI for Panorama Tools
PTAssembler - Panaorama Tools Assistant

Other Software:
ViewRAW - Free program for viewing RAW files
Hyperfocal Distance and Depth of Field Calculator
PIXresizer - Photo resizing
Mihov Image Resizer - Image resizing
Qimage Multiple Image Printing Software (Demo)
Raw Magick Curve Therapy (Demo)
PhotoCleaner (Demo)
Through The Lens (Web Gallery Software)

Other Tutorials: - A complete guides to digital cameras and digital photography.
RetouchPRO Tutorials
ShutterFreaks - Forums, Tips, Photoshop Actions, and more...
Gary G. Ballard - Tutorials, Links, Images, and more...

Technical Support & Assistance

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by Nnnnsic


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