Fishing beneath Ulawun volcano, PNG.

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Fishing beneath Ulawun volcano, PNG.

Postby marc on Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:46 pm

Myself and 3 mates have just come back from an incredible experience fishing for a week at Baia Sportsfishing Lodge on the island of West New Britain, PNG. Chasing Black and Spot-tail Bass.
The logistics of traveling to these remote locations was at times a real nightmare! Having traveled to Africa many times, the similarities are there.
Just as you have "Africa time" you also have "PNG" time :lol:
Just go there with the attitude that things will not always run smoothly and you'll be fine.:wink:
For example, due to our game boat transfer breaking down just before we got there, vehicle transfer was arranged instead. We got to one of the many bridge crossings to be confronted by a work crew repairing the structure, and then was told by the boss in pidgeon english " Bridge brokey!!..........come back Tuesday!!" It was Sunday and there was no alternate route, and no amount of bribery would work!
After arranging a broken down Mini-van on the other side to take us to our pick up point 3 hours away, before another 3 hour boat transfer (that was already 2 hours late) we arrived at Baia Lodge to a well earned beer!

Early one morning 2am, we were woken by the biggest earth tremor that I've ever experienced followed by what sounded like a massive explosion. :shock: It turned out we had quite an earthquake followed by the nearby Ulawun Volcano steaming away in what seems to be a regular occurance.
A Vulcanologist describes Ulawun as:

"Ulawun volcano is 400 m higher than most of the volcanoes in the Bismarck Sea which indicates it may be at the limit of structural stability."

It is the fourth most active volcano in the world. This is something that the local villagers just seem to live with.
The fishing was still good, with a good variety of blue water species, but
the huge Black & Spot-tail Bass we were hoping for did not appear, with the best going around 10-12lb. A yank who was also staying there did manage a nice Black Bass of around 30-35lb! A real challenge on any gear :shock:

All in all a great time was had with the experience of visiting the local village community and school singing a real highlight. :D

Marc PS. I'll post some fish pics in a separate subject.

Most taken with D300 & 17-55 f/2.8.

More here: ... 3008_kRKSE

Beneath smoldering Ulawun Volcano on the Pandi R. (The puffing smoke is evident on the right)

Kids will sleep anywhere.

Lids from the local Village having fun!

They're always smiling.
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Re: Fishing beneath Ulawun volcano, PNG.

Postby Matt. K on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:44 pm

Now That's living! Thanks for sharing! :cheers:

Matt. K
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Re: Fishing beneath Ulawun volcano, PNG.

Postby biggerry on Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:28 pm

that 3rd picture looks like the first boy has bounced off the water!! Great picture, I think you have captured the attitude and smiling nature of the youngsters there!
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Re: Fishing beneath Ulawun volcano, PNG.

Postby Alex on Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:31 pm

Some fantastic images there! Two and three are exceptionally well captured.

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Re: Fishing beneath Ulawun volcano, PNG.

Postby gasgasgas on Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:30 am

Great pics and story Marc.

Having lived in PNG many years ago, it is somewhere I'd like to go back to now that I'm quite a bit older to have a decent look around. I'll no doubt have to wait a bit yet as it's quite an expensive place to visit these days, particularly if you value your safety, but I would only really go to the north of the ranges.

Simon Grounds
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