Logan 750-1 Mat Cutter

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Logan 750-1 Mat Cutter

Postby Geoff M on Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:40 pm

Or to give it it's full title: Logan Simplex Elite Mat Cutter, 750-1.

I have been using a simple Maped mat cutter for approx 20 years with success but the limiting factor which has become more of a problem lately is the size of mat that can be produced. The rule is just 600mm long and with the cutter heads being 90mm long the largest window that could be produced safely is 550mm sq. While this is a reasonable size the accuracy was sometimes less than desirable. Smaller mats are easier to cut and more accurate. A single 10” x 12” mat with a window of approx 8” x 10” would take around 20-25 minutes to produce.

With the Logan cutter production times are drastically reduced. A mat to the same dimensions above now takes approx 5 minutes and is more accurate in squareness and sizing.

The cutter itself is of good quality and materials used in its manufacture are on the whole very good. Guides and some cutting heads are manufactured from al alloy extrusions and are finished in a durable clear anodise. The straight edge cutter is manufactured in what seems like a glass filled polymer and while strong does not quite match the quality of the bevel cutter. The cutting board is made of MDF sheet and covered on the upper surface with vinyl. Longer term the MDF board could bow if not stored in the right conditions, only time will tell on this point.

With the Maped cutter I often experienced over or under cut bevels, meaning with an over cut there are small cut lines visible at the corners of the window, and under cuts are where the bevel cuts do not quite meet in the corner and the window does not fall out. When this happened I needed to manually line up the rule and cutting head to the previously cut line and re-cut so that the window falls out. This is where the inaccuracies and unsightly corners would become evident and often I would scrap the mat and start over (increasing production costs both in materials and labour). The logan cutter is in a league of its own when it comes to over and under cuts. The blade of the bevel head is adjustable according to the thickness of the matt board and this eliminates the problem all together.

Double mats with the Maped were just not worth attempting because of the small inaccuracies in cutting would be exaggerated with two mats both having inaccuracies. Again the Logan cutter is in a league of its own. I have just cut a double mat (10” sq with 6” sq window) with perfect accuracy and precision in just 10 minutes. In the past this would have taken about an hour with an OK result. Now I will not hesitate in making double or even triple mats.

The simplex Elite also comes with a glass cutter, paper trimmer, acrylic plastic cutter and 8ply cutter all of which I have not used yet.

I ordered the unit from a AU fleabay seller (located in VIC) last Sunday and it arrived (QLD) on Thursday. Purchase price was $425 + $35 postage, all up I would say a very good investment considering the time saving it gives and a better quality product. I do make and sell picture frames, very low key, and therefore the outlay will be re-couped in a very short time. I should have made the purchase a long time ago.

When leaving feedback for the seller I noted that his price has now increased to $440 + $42 postage.
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Re: Logan 750-1 Mat Cutter

Postby Matt. K on Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:08 pm

Thanks for the interesting article. Nice to know.

Matt. K
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Re: Logan 750-1 Mat Cutter

Postby Reschsmooth on Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:39 pm

Thanks for that. You may have just cost me $480. :)

I am guessing that, with 600 mm, I can just squeeze a mat for a borderless 16x20 (the biggest I can go) with a 2x5cm border.
Regards, Patrick

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