Repost. Fuji X10 first shots

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Repost. Fuji X10 first shots

Postby Matt. K on Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:30 pm

I've been using this camera for a week now and am slowly coming to grips with its features. There is much that Fuji could have left the blurred background portrait setting or the combined flash and non flash shot for natural colour or face recognition. This is not a camera that is going to be purchased by beginners; they have more economical, eaiser to use cameras available. Fuji should have stripped all those junky gimmicks from the master plan and concentrated a little more on the basics. Having said that....great macro capabiliies, pretty damn good video, quick as a flash focussing that occasionally misses, (but then so does my D300). Exquisite image quality with beautiful colours....and sheer pleasure of photography when out and about with its superb F2 - F2.8 manual zoom lens and brilliant little viewfinder. This camera is a joy to use. Switch off the electronic sounds and it is completly silent in operation. It is fast enough in every respect for candid street photography. And I'm keeping it. It does have 1 serious fault in that it displays specular highlights as featureless white blobs and this would be a deal breaker for those who do a lot of water sports photography. Fuji are aware of the problem and are attempting a firmware fix. A few samples follow.

Garys new acquisition. Vintage gold.

Circular Quay Railway station

Opera House steps under repair

Sydney Harbour

Thanks to Stubbsy for helping me overcome some technical problems with posting from Pbase.

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Re: Repost. Fuji X10 first shots

Postby biggerry on Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:03 pm

Quite nice punchy colours straight out of camera too!
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Re: Repost. Fuji X10 first shots

Postby stubbsy on Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:53 pm

These images show the versatility of the camera. Not a DSLR, but great when a DSLR is too bulky.

I see Adobe have just released ACR and Lightroom updates that support the X10 and the Nikon 1.
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