Golden Eagle

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Golden Eagle

Postby Mj on Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:11 pm

Ok... there been some discussion around this gear... and some ongoing question and discussion around the pros and cons of studio lighting vs portable strobes... but I've yet to really hear and see evidence of the value of this kit.
Clearly the pricepoint is right.... even with the current dollar disaster a 3 light kit comes in far better value than multiple stobes plus stands etc... BUT are those that bought the golden Eagle kit getting good results??? Is a kit with 180w flash guns adequate? AND does the golden eagle kit provide an extendable solution or only an economic shortterm option needing early upgrade? As I am now seriously in the market for a decent studio lighting setup, my level of interest is high (but my wallet is still thin otherwise $10k of Bowen lighting would be in place right now). It interests me that very little output from the extended family here has come about from this apparently affordable lighting system.... do tell...
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Re: Golden Eagle

Postby RHiSC on Wed Dec 31, 2008 3:12 am

can anybody contribute to this thread? im also interested in the topic...
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Re: Golden Eagle

Postby gstark on Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:47 am

To some extent, Mick has asked the wrong question. :)

are those that bought the golden Eagle kit getting good results???

This one is as much a question about the photographer's skills as it is about the lights.

Is a kit with 180w flash guns adequate?

It depends upon the subject matter being shot. I use a two-light kit of lesser power, and find it more than adequate. For small to medium product shots (tabletop, light tent) and for traditional portraiture of one to three or four people, yes, these lights should more than suffice.

does the golden eagle kit provide an extendable solution or only an economic shortterm option needing early upgrade?

Both. There are a lot of accessories for the GE kit; I have the beauty dish, which is very economical to obtain, and provides beautiful quality light. I have not tried to see if their heads will fit accessories from other manufacturers (or vice versa) but I think that unless you're moving into serious large product photography, these sorts of lights are very good value and very serviceable.

Now, please also bear in mind that as the owner of this forum, I also am the intermediary through whom many people will buy these items, so please take that declaration of interest into your considerations.
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Re: Golden Eagle

Postby CraigVTR on Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:59 am

I've had this kit for a while now, but very rarely get to use it. Whilst I tell myself it is because work and other things get in the way, it really about me building up the confidence to get out and do some portrait work. The few times I have used it I have found it to be effective, with enough power, and quite portable as it all comes in a handy carry bag.

There were a couple of points you may want to consider. I have had trouble finding a place to buy replacement globes for the modelling lights, not a major issue but frustrating. Some other members on the forum seem to have found various places that may be able to supply the globes, I have not personally tried these suppliers. The supplied sync/trigger is very suppcepitable to not firing or random firing when the batteries are not fully charged. A change to pocket wizards(?) would most likely solve this problem.

In general terms they are easy to use, portable, easy to set up and good value for money, especially if you do not use them frequently. I do not know how they would stand up to everyday use.

Hope this info helps. :)
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