SensorKlear by Lenspen

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SensorKlear by Lenspen

Postby bwhinnen on Tue Nov 04, 2008 4:56 pm

We've all heard of Lenspen, distributed by Tasco in Australia, they make wonderful optics cleaning pens. Recently I noticed they made one specifically for a CCD / CMOS sensor. So I thought I'd give it a go. I've tried the wet / dry method before but found the dry wipes tended to leave bits behind.

I found a local supplier (happened to be FotoFast in the Myer Centre) and had one ordered in... yes it took ages, I think I ordered it about 2 months ago and picked it up this afternoon on the way home from work. I opted for the kit, which comes with a super blower (akin to the rocket blower), a general purpose microfibre wipe cloth, the sensorklear and three spare tips and a nice little leather case to hold everything. Each tip is rated at 50 sensor cleans each. The cost was $129.00 so not too expensive as far as things go.

Using it was relatively simple for someone that has cleaned the sensor before, the triangular shaped head gets into the corners well, there is no streaking. Of course blowing out excess dust to begin with is a great idea, and the blower worked a charm, directed a large gust of air neatly into the spots you wanted.

The product website can be found here for the kit. Yes a 100% mark up on the USD price :(

Some happy snaps.





And yes it worked a treat at cleaning the sensor!

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