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Postby chrisk on Sun May 11, 2008 10:57 pm

why do i use it ? why bother ? waste of time...etc etc the reasons NOT to use one are well documented. less power, less range, no remote capability etc etc. there has also been a heck of alot of poor, misleading and inaccurate commentry about this flash...especially to newbs who dont have alot of cash or just want a basic flash to bounce and improve indoor shots of kids and family gatherings. these are people that will likely never need or want the additional capabilities and flexibility of the bigger SB's. and they will much more appreciate its compact light weight.

these shots clearly indicate why i use it. its tiny and compact in comparison to the sb600/800. it has a great little pouch that contours around the flash so it takes up minimal space. it takes 2 AA's and seems to last forever. recharge times are excellent.


i take my cam pretty much everywhere. my walkaround kit is pretty basic and light, espcially if we're going for a walk to the park, (great fill flash), of just to someones house. i can have the 105VR or 85/1.8 or 50/1.8 mounted to the camera, the 35/2 and the sb400 in a simple dslr camera pouch. no bag. thats bloody impressive.

for indoor photography when all you want to do is bounce off the ceiling at relatively close range, (up to say 3m), then this is just as good if not better than its 2 larger cousins. why would i say "better" ?? well, it gives off a much less powerful light and seems to throw very little flash forwards, so especially when your subject is close there are no hotspots, almost ever shooting in TTL.

i've recently even started using it for macro work, granted it's not ideal for macro and not my strobe of choice if i have the time, inclination to shoot the subject properly, but thats not what this is about. my latest few macros have been shot with this flash. they were all taken on the street on my way to the park, no time or room to set up for macro. with this puppy i just whack it on and it gives me that extra flexibility and light if i need it to shoot when the opportunity arises.

at around $140AUD imo, this is as much a must have in a nikonians kit as the 50/1.8. Highly recommended.
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Re: SB-400

Postby aim54x on Mon May 19, 2008 1:16 am

totally agree, i have the whole flash lineup, but the baby was my first and probably the one that i used the most, and has produced the best shots that i have done, when i take my gear to a friends party and shot. love the bounce!!!

D80 + 50mm f/1.8 + SB-400 is the best setup i have ever used for parties, i have to say it is the set up that i have gotten the most shots that i have been happy with
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