Whale watch trip?

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Whale watch trip?

Postby Analog6 on Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:07 am

I am seeing if some of my Red Hat ladies want to do a whale watching trip. Here's what I sent to them in an email - check the link and if any of the local people ould like to go we can have a mixed group.

I've always wanted to do it - it's not cheap, see the attached site. If we get a few we may be able to negotiate a special price. It is guaranteed - no see whales, free ticket. I was thinking in the non school holiday parts of late August/early September.


I like the sound of the breakfast one, but I realise not everyone is an early bird like me. If we don't do that time, maybe afternoon and have aft tea at the Club (Cool/Tweed Golf Club, it leaves from there) before or after.


I checked the site and you can charter the WHOLE BOAT for 2 hours @ $500; 3 hours @ $700; and 4 hours @ $900. hey say it carries 46 people, so for 2 hours that is only about $11 each and includes refreshments.

May be we can get enough to charter the boat, we would not need 46. Their 'fare' for the regular trips is $85 (x 46=$3910!)

My calculations:

25 people for 2 hours = $20 each; for 3 hours = $28 each; and for 4 hours $36 each. It woudl be a good number, everyone could get photos, and we could have a 'whale' of a time.

I'm posting this on all the forums I'm on, maybe we can do it sooner then August.
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Re: Whale watch trip?

Postby Bindii on Wed Jul 16, 2008 8:35 am

Oh see Iwould have done this for sure... but I'm off to Europe in August and won't be back until mid September... then I'm only home for 2 weeks and I'm off to New Zealand for 3 weeks.. sounds like fun though.. I hope you have a ball!!! :)
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