I need a wedding tog..

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I need a wedding tog..

Postby Bindii on Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:46 pm

I posted this thread in the general discussion also but thought that maybe it might catch the eye of some local togs in this area also.. so i apologise in advance for the double up.. (please don't kill me Gary.. :P )

I need a wedding tog..in Brisbane (bayside) for the 22nd of November this year. I have been approached by a staff members family who are planning a wedding for their daughter who is coming over from the UK to be married.. and they wanted me to do the photography.. unfortunately (for them) I am planning on being out of the country on that date (ironically in the UK) and they have asked if I know of anyone else who is available and able to do it at a reasonable price.. my cheapest package is around the $1000 mark (no album) so that might give you an indication as to what their limit is..

I have emailed them and they are willing to give a new tog a try.. so this could be a good opportunity for someone who is just starting out to build up their portfolio and gain some experience etc Now if your brand new please don't be thinking that this is an easy way to make loads of money.. if your new your prices should be reflective of that.. having said that I am not expecting anyone to do it for a ridiculously low price you still have to make a profit and have some respect for your work..

If anyone is interested and capable of doing a decent job please feel free to post in this thread and pm me with some examples of your work and or experience and I will pass the information along to the family concerned..

Thanks all..

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Re: I need a wedding tog..

Postby jdear on Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:40 pm

I recommend our own Craig Jordan - he is North NSW - his website: http://www.jordanphotography.com.au/

Top bloke.
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